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This is where Garry perfected his art. 

With a show time of 90-120 minutes this is a truly immersive show.

Garry has worked with many venues and can always tailor a show to suit

the requirements of the venue.




Garry's hypnotic show perfect for making your special day memorable.

With a show time of 60-90 minutes it is the perfect ice breaker. Garry will

work with you to create a bespoke show that is tailored to your needs.

Your guests will become the stars of the show in what will be an

unforgettable experience




Garry's student show pulls out all the stops

If you want to make your student event memorable then this is the show

for you. Watch your class mates and friends become the stars of the shows,

Garry will work with you to create a show that will not be forgotten 

This show is perfect for rag week, fresher’s week,

campus festivals, comedy nights and all student events.




Are you looking for a point of difference for your venue?

Garry Gold's fast paced genuinely funny show

is the right choice for your business.

Garry will work closely with you to create

the perfect show for your customers.

Garry has a proven track record in pubs and venues across Europe.

Watch your customers become the star

of the show as you gain increased turnover and exposure

through word of mouth and social media.



Garry has been associated with many charity

events throughout his career.

If you are planning a charity event this could be the perfect show for you.

Garry will work with you to create a suitable show.

Garry will waiver his fee after expenses for charity events.

Garry's shows are funny but inclusive, he would never

embarrass a volunteer or audience member.  

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