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Are you looking for a point of difference for your venue?

Garry Gold's fast paced genuinely funny show

is the right choice for your business.

Garry will work closely with you to create

the perfect show for your customers.

Garry has a proven track record in pubs and venues across Europe.

Watch your customers become the star

of the show as you gain increased turnover and exposure

through word of mouth and social media.

Garry Gold Stage Hypnotist

Garry Gold is one of the most skilled and experienced comedy-hypnotists performing. He has consistently amazed audiences across Ireland, the U.K. and Europe with his hilarious shows. He has become a regular at many comedy clubs and corporate & charitable events across the country.  Garry began his journey into hypnosis in order to better condition himself during his physical and mental training. He learned that through control of his mind he could maximise his workout abilities. This ignited a passion for hypnotism that continues to this day. After several years of study, Garry began hypnotising people clinically and eventually moved to the stage Hypnotism. He has hypnotised thousands, from nurses to bikers to policemen to college students. His shows are among the most popular that many comedy clubs host. Often the same people come back time and time again to attend. Also, while traveling the length and breath of Europe, Garry has become popular with local media. He works non-stop...year round, performing to large crowds the lenth and breath of Europe

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